How I Use A Tumbler Heat Press

The tumbler heat press that I am using has the following diameters in its blanks; 2.64 to 3.43 inches. This feature means it can perform 30 Oz., 20 Oz, and 16 Oz tumblers if they possess a straight wall that is wide and fits well within the earlier mentioned restrictions. Someone can also carry out this process on mugs if they are within the previously mentioned parameters and wield a straight wall. The tumbler heat press I am using can press two mugs simultaneously. The ideal properties for mugs are 11 to 15 oz. However, take care not to pick a mug that does not meet the outlined diameter.

Time and temperature restrictions

The tumbler heat press I am using has its highest temperature at 464 degrees Fahrenheit, while its max time is roughly 999 seconds. The structure of this press is similar to that of numerous applications, so anyone following this procedure can implement it on their machinery.

Components of the press

The press’s heating element is an interior one connecting via a wire to the control panel. One can also find the power button on the side of the press. When attempting to regulate pressure and size, use the black knobs on both sides of the press. When the press cools, place a tumbler and regulate the knobs until you achieve the temperature you want when the press is closed. I prefer adjusting both knobs to roughly the same extent so that the pressure is even.

Moreover, I prefer getting a gap of the minor degree attainable. One can sometimes not secure the gap entirely, mainly when one has a handle. Though, I like minimizing the gap.

Optimum temperature and time

Connect the heat press to the source of electricity and hit the switch to turn it on. When attempting to alter the settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit, keep ahold of the setting button for roughly 5 to 6 seconds, thus leading to AL1 showing on the top of the screen. Hit the setting button nine times, and the screen will show CTR. Please note that zero illustrates Celsius, and one illustrates Fahrenheit. Be sure to utilize the arrows when attempting to toggle between them. Lastly, hit set for 5 seconds for you to be able to exit. When aiming at setting the temperature and time, hit the setting button, and you will see that the temperature at the top will start to flash. Use the arrow keys when trying to get the temperature that you desire.

You can hit the setting button once more, which will cause the bottom to start flashing, thus indicating the seconds. You cannot hit the arrow keys again if the press does not show the time you desire. If you decide to grab hold of the arrow key downwards, you will note that the time will pass faster.


A tumbler heating press can make fully wrapped tumblers, thus meaning that its design will be round. When pressing, you may be required to do it twice due to the gap at the top.



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